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18 Years After Katrina Levee Breaches, Group Wants Future Engineers to Learn From Past Failures

Aug 30 2023 // Future engineers need a greater understanding of past failures – and how to avoid repeating them – a Louisiana-based nonprofit said to mark Tuesday`s 18th anniversary of the deadly, catastrophic levee breaches that...

Car Premiums to Rise Again as British Insurers Feel the Heat

Aug 30 2023 // Motorists in Britain should brace for another year of steep insurance rises as providers confront cost pressures, industry figures have warned. Admiral Group Plc will continue increasing motor insurance prices and expects...

Reinsurers’ Cyber Rates Expected to Rise as They Seek to Regain Profitability: S&P

Aug 29 2023 // More cyber reinsurance rate increases can be expected as reinsurers seek to regain underwriting profits in their cyber portfolios, according to a report published by S&P Global Ratings. “Reinsurers had a...

2023 to Test Recent Growth in Private Flood Insurance Market

Aug 29 2023 // The private flood insurance market has been growing but 2023 may provide a real test following Tropical Storm Hilary in California as well as future storms that may come during the remainder of the Atlantic hurricane...

Derek Rathel Joins InsurSign as CEO: Vision & Future Outlook

Aug 29 2023 // San Francisco, CA., August 29, 2023 — In a significant stride towards innovation, Derek Rathel has taken the reins as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InsurSign. This move underscores the evolution of the...

NCCI Calls for Average 15% Decrease in Florida Workers’ Compensation Rates

Aug 29 2023 // The National Council on Compensation Insurance has proposed an average 15.1% decrease in rates for Florida, starting Jan. 1, the latest and one of the largest reduction recommendations in more than a decade of rate...

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